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Hôtel*** "Arbois Bettex"
Tel: 33.(0)     Fax : 33.(0)

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iski00-x.gif (547 octets)At the bottom of the slopes.
Cable cars nearby.
Food can be served inside or on the terrace: Savoy dishes and traditionnal French cooking.
ichi00-x.gif (289 octets)Mountainous Atmosphere.
itvl00-x.gif (663 octets)Cosy bedrooms, fully equiped.

Arbois-Bettex was built in a chalet style. It is situated at the very centre of St-Gervais skiing domain. The hotel faces Mont-Blanc: a unique and breathtaking view!

L'Arbois bettex est le juste goût des choses. On pourra y savourer le naturel, le repos, la simplicité ou encore le goût inimitable de ce parfum des grandes immensités qui nous procure calme et réconfort.


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